Full Professor or Histology and Embryology

Country of Origin

Education and Professional Experience
Professional Degree from the Veterinary Medical (VMD), University of Chile
Academic Degree from the Doctor Vet Science, Madrid University, Spain

After completing his educational degrees, Dr. Lemus professional experience has devoted his efforts to furthering science and medicine as the Director of Morphology at the University of Chile, where he later became a Full Professor or Histology and Embryology.

Professor invited University of Madrid, 1982, 1988

Foreign Academic Member of Real Academy of Vet., Spain Institute, 1988

HWO Fellowship, Complutense University of Madrid, 1974-1975

Award to the Best Thesis to obtain the Doctor Degree in Veterinary Sc. (Cum Laude,) Hispanic Culture Institute, 1975

Recent Publications
D. Lemus et al. Effect of Morinda citrofolia (Tahitian Noni Juice, TNJ) on angiogenesis and tumor growth in carrier mice of tumor TA3-MTX-R. (Phytotherapy Research), May 2004.

M. Molina, V. Ferreira, C. Valk, J. Orellana, A. Rojas, R. Billeta, D. Lemus, A. Ferreira (2004). An in vivo role for Trypanosoma cruzi calreticulin in antiangiogenesis. Sent to Mol. Biochem. Parasitol.

J.P. Castillo, M. Fuenzalida, D. Lemus, A. Guerrero (2003) Actividad antineoplásica y antimestásica de la asociación de betametasona, sulindac y oxytetraciclina. Rev. Chil Cancerología Y Hematología Vol 13: 41-48.

J.Zúñiga, M.Fuenzalida, A.Guerrero, J.Illanes, A.Dabancens, E.Díaz and D.Lemus (2003) Effects of steroidal and non steroidal drugs on the neovascularization response induced by tumoral TA3 supernatant on CAM from chick embryo. Biol Res  36 :233-240.

J.Illanes, A.Dabancens, O.Acuña, M.Fuenzalida,A.Guerrero, C.López and D.Lemus (2002). Effects of betamethasone, sulindac and quinacrine drugs on the inflammatory neoangiogenesis response induced by polyurethane sponge implantes in mouse. Biol. Res. 35: 339-343, 2002.

L.Strauss, M.Fuenzalida, J.Illanes, A.Dabancens, E.Díaz, A.Guerrero and D.lemus (2002). Effect of sulfated -cyclodextrin, a water soluble cycloamylose, on the promotion and/or inhibition of angiogenesis. Pathol. Oncol. Res. Vol 8, 1:47-53.

D. Lemus, A. Dabancens, J. Illanes, M. Fuenzalida, A. Guerrero y P. Gonzalez (2001).  “Antiangiogenesis effect of betamethasone on the chick CAM stimulated by TA3 tumor supernatant”.  Biol. Res 34:227-236.

Guerrero,A., Dabancens,A., Zipper,J., Lemus,D. (1999) Regresión de tumor transplantable mediante la administración de quinacrina mas indometacina oral en raton AJ. Rev.Chil.Citol.Vol.3:20-23.

Guerrero,A., Diaz-Muñoz,C., Dabancens,A., Lemus,D., Fuenzalida,M., Illanes,J., Zipper,J. (1998) Actividad antineoplásica y antimestásica de la quinacrina en combinación co ketoprofeno, betametasona y levamisol en tumores  TA3 transplantables de ratón. Rev.Chil.Cancerol. y hematol.8:169-176.

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