Senior Research Scientist
Senior Manager Research and Development Team
Tahitian Noni International

Country of Origin
P.R. China

Education and Professional Experience
Bing-Nan Zhou obtained PhD in Graduated School of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Academy of Sciences in 1964 and was appointed as Research Associate, Associate Professor and Professor in Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Academy of Sciences (1964-1994).  In 1989, he was directly nominated as Advisor of PhD Candidates by Academic Degree Committee of State Council of China.   Under his guidance four graduate students received their PhD degree and 12 graduate students received their MS degree.  He received training in Institute of Bio- and Organic Chemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (1961-1962) at Prague and Post-Doctor position in School of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin (1981-1983).  As visiting Professor he visited Department of Chemistry of British Columbia (1997) at Vancouver, Canada, College of Pharmacy, University if Illinois at Chicago (in 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993).  He worked in Department of Chemistry, Virginia Tech as Senior Research Scientist (1994-2002).  Now he is appointed as Senior Research Scientist in Tahitian Noni International.

Natural Sciences Award (2nd) from Chinese Academy of Sciences & Ministry of Sciences and Technology of China (1987)

Research Award (2nd) from National Committee of Family Planning of China (1993)

Receiving allowance from State Council of P. R. China for his excellent contributions to the research on Chinese Traditional Herbs and Natural Organic Chemistry (1998 – now)

Dr. Zhou has published more than 150 research papers and 5 professional books on natural products in chemistry.  He is a reviewer of Journal of Natural Products (USA), Planta Medica (Germany), and Phytochemistry (UK).

He has given 25 plenary lectures on the international meeting at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Seoul, Korea; Lausanne, Switzerland; Karachi, Pakistan; Chicago, USA; Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, China.  He has also been invited to give lectures in Schering-Plough Research Institute, NJ, Merck Pharmaceutical Research Institute, NJ, and College of Pharmacy, University of Rhode Island (Kingston, RI).

Related Noni Research

  1. Research on Noni Leaf Serum:  finished Isolation of pure bioactive compounds from Noni Leaf and manufactory process for making Noni Leaf extract for Noni Leaf Serum.  The studies on the structures of its bioactive compounds are in progress.
  2. Research on the phyto-estrogenic compound fro Noni juice:  A compound with strong phyto-estrogenic bioactivity has been isolated and the study on its structure is in progress after further purification.
  3. Found COX2 bioactive compounds from Noni juice in polar fraction and the study is in progress.
  4. Researches on MangoXan:  Finished isolation of the bioactive compounds – -Mangostin, -Mangostin, and -mangostin from Mangostin fruit and made their standard samples for its qualitative analysis.  Figured out its qualitative analysis for validation and suggested the method to improve its formulation.
  5. Found a compound, which can inhibition cancer cell line in vitro from Noni juice and finished its structure study.

Noni Motivation
“Nature is a treasure and provides mankind with food, nutrition, and medicine.  Noni is a present and every part is useful for people.  Since very ancient times, Noni has brought Tahiti people health, strong bodies, and happiness.  Now we are learning Tahitian heritage and make great efforts to discover its secret.  By using current modern scientific technology, we are trying to develop new products and find the reason why Noni can benefit human beings, besides guaranteeing the quality of our products.”

Location/ Hometown
Pleasant Grove, Utah
Xu-Hui District, Shanghai, P. R. China