3rd European Workshop on Equine Nutrition: Nutrition and Feeding of the Broodmare; Campobasso, Molise Univ., Italy; Jun 20-22, 2006
Tahitian Noni® Equine Essentials® Regulates LPS-Induced COX-2 and Cytokine Expression in Equine Neonatal Monocytes: A Preliminary Study
J. Xu, J. Cai, R. G. Godbee, S. F. Peek, B. J. Darien

This study was to investigate the effects of TAHITIAN NONI Equine Essentials on endotoxin-induced COX-2 and cytokine expression in the monocytes of equine foals at ages 0,10, and 60 days. Compared to the controls, the results showed that LPS-stimulated monocytes from the treated foals had reduced levesl of COX-2, TNF-ά (tumor necrosis factor), ILs-1β, -8, and -6.