BMC Complement Altern Med. 2012 Oct 19;12:186.
Antipsychotic-like activity of noni (Morinda citrifolia Linn.) in mice.
Pandy V, Narasingam M, Mohamed Z.

In an acute study, varying doses of noni juice were administered to mice an hour before they were injected with the apomorphine and methamphetamine. Noni juice significantly decreased apomorphine-induced cage climbing behavior. It also inhibited methamphetamine-induced stereotypy behavior and climbing time. In chronic studies, 7 and 21-day pretreatments with of TNJ significantly lessened apomorphine-induced climbing behavior and climbing time of mice. These results demonstrate the potential antidopaminergic effects of noni juice and suggest that it has antipsychotic-like activity which helpful for treating psychiatric disorders. (original abstract available at